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Active listening is a state of conversation in which you receive the communication in its entirety, i.e., the content being said, its meaning, and even what is not being said. 

To start, what is active listening?

Communication with the team members is a two-way street. For any team to function, ideas, opinions, feedback, and information should flow from both sides. To grasp everything in the proper context, it is vital that one is listening actively. In essence, active listening is the ability to receive communication the way it was meant to be.   

When managers listen actively, they focus on understanding the team member’s entire message, not just the words. They pay close attention to nonverbal cues (such as facial expressions) and tone of voice. It lets them know if the speaker is angry, frustrated, or upset.

One of the benefits of active listening is that it allows the speaker to feel heard and understood. It leads to a decrease in anxiety and stress and an increased sense of clarity and confidence. It also improves relationships by reducing misunderstandings and promoting cooperation.

Active listening also lets the speaker know they are respected, encouraging them to continue speaking. Overall, it builds strong bonds between the two people conversing. 

Using active listening, managers can:

– Facilitate better understanding and negotiation

– Resolve conflicts or misunderstandings

– Build trust and relationships

When trying to be an active listener, it’s important not to focus on your thoughts or feelings. Instead, it would help if you tried to suspend your disbelief and allow the other person to speak without interruption or judgment. This way, you’ll be able to understand them better and build a stronger relationship based on mutual respect.

What will you learn from this toolkit?

This toolkit will give you practical suggestions and templates across various dimensions of active listening. The toolkit, in essence, will help you develop and nurture the nuances of active listening and help you get started on your journey of becoming a pro at it.

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