Manager Effectiveness Masterclass

Manager Effectiveness Masterclass For Ambitious Managers

Are you building high-performing teams? Discover the Secrets of Effective People Management in this Masterclass Designed Just for You

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Why do you need the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass?

Are you ready to level up your management game? Unlock your managerial superpowers and take your leadership to new heights with the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass. Whether you aspire to be a "manager magician" or a "master of management," this program equips you with the skills to become a rockstar leader.

By fostering a positive work environment and nurturing collaboration among team members, you'll pave the way for success. With this masterclass, you'll discover the secrets of exceptional managerial skills and unleash your ability to drive employee satisfaction, boost team productivity, and accomplish project goals. It's time to embrace greatness as a manager and unlock the true impact you can make within your organization.

Enhanced Well-being and Morale

Managers who foster a positive and supportive work environment, encourage open communication, and handle conflicts effectively can reduce stress, improve team morale, and enhance overall employee well-being.

Improved Performance and Goal Achievement

Managers who excel at leading their teams foster collaboration, align efforts with organizational goals, and drive positive results. This leads to improved team performance and a higher likelihood of meeting and exceeding objectives.

Strong Leadership Pipeline

Through comprehensive training and development, managers not only excel in their current roles but also become prepared for higher responsibilities, enabling smooth succession planning and maintaining a steady flow of talented leaders.

The Manager effectiveness Masterclass is a must have for any new manager or an IC transitioning to a Manager role. It helped me become more self-aware and understand how I can improve my abilities and also gave me more confidence to handle a team. Ashish was a great facilitator and made the classes very very interactive and interesting.

Sharon Alfred
HR Manager, Tagalys
Helped me learn more about essential managerial abilities, including guidance ability, ownership, firefighting, emotional competence, etc., and how to really work & use them in real-world scenarios.
Shubham Raj
Head of Customer Success, Adnabu
This Masterclass offers a vast understanding of being a better manager and how to encourage better work processes.
Vivek Muthukrishnan
Marketing Manager, Tagalys
It was a great Masterclass. The scenarios explained were quite relatable to our day-to-day work and situations, and giving solutions on how we would deal with it better was the motto of this class. The forum was always open for discussion.
Swathi Kudva
Application Security Team Lead, Appsecco

Let's dive into the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass

Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is a 6 hour immersive experience split across four weekly live zoom sessions. The four sessions are a mix of interactive discussions, knowledge sharing, core training, case studies, and scenarios on the core principles of Manager Effectiveness.

Guidance Ability

Interpersonal Skills

Analytical Skills

Emotional Competence

The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is right for you if

I truly enjoyed the masterclass. It was interactive and knowledgeable. I learned many new things that I didn't know were useful or trivial that we could take for granted.
Shruthi Kamath
Senior Customer Success Manager, Appsecco
It was very enjoyable to connect and learn from Ashish. All the sessions were fun and informative. Things rarely tend to have these 2 qualities at the same time.
Shankar Thyagarajan
Senior Developer, Tagalys
Thank you very much! It was the 1st remote session I attended, and it was so interactive and lively. Not a single moment was monotonous.
Subhrajit Paul
Software engineering Manager, Vaultedge

You Pay A Fraction To Get A Ton Of Value

The ENTIRE Masterclass Course

4 live learning sessions filled with lessons, quizzes, case studies, assignments, and real-life scenarios, valuable exchange of ideas, and more. Value: $1,000

Complimentary Access to Risely

Learning continues beyond the Masterclass. It continues daily with Risely. With Risely's 3-month complimentary access, you will make progress daily and eliminate any day-to-day people challenges. Value: $250

Monthly Session With An Expert

As you implement your new learnings with your team, there are bound to be situations where you would get stuck. Fear not. You get a 30-minute coaching session every month with an expert to clear your doubts and discuss specific situations. Value: $450

Certificate Of Completion

And, to top it all, you will get a freshly minted personalized certificate of completion. Share it with your superiors and colleagues and establish your authority. Value: Priceless

Total Value You Get
You Pay Just
This Masterclass helped me understand "How to become a good manager," "How to incorporate those traits in your daily life," and "How to manage your emotions effectively?. This helped me connect the dots in my own career, where I encountered similar situations.
Archana Mahour
Engineering Lead, Culturro
The 4 day masterclass was very well structured,engaging and informative. 10/10.
Sudharshan Sundararajan
Senior Developer, Tagalys
The master class is a good resource to learn the foundations of being a good manager. It also provides a platform to have open discussions about real-life scenarios. I would recommend this to everyone who are starting their manager-career journey.
Srujan Patil
Engineering Lead, Oceanfrogs

Know Your Trainer

Ashish Manchanda

Founder, Risely

Ashish is the Founder of Risely. Ashish has been an Employee Engagement and Leadership Development entrepreneur since 2017. Over the years, he has worked with and coached hundreds of managers trying to build high-performance teams. Being a manager himself, he understands the pain and challenges people managers face. He has now dedicated his life to making the life of managers easier.

Ashish has a 17+ year career across multiple global organizations in Product and Strategy. He gets his kicks from solving problems. As per him, he creates problems even when they don’t exist, so he can solve them. Ashish has an MBA from HEC Paris, a Master’s in Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Delhi University.

Ashish is an avid trekker and has completed 10+ high-altitude treks in the Himalayas. He will attempt his first 6000m+ peak this summer.

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Manager Effectiveness Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

A Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is a comprehensive training program designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of managers and leaders. It provides participants with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to successfully lead, motivate, and manage teams to achieve desired goals and objectives.

The masterclass covers various topics, including effective communication, leadership development, decision-making, problem-solving, team collaboration, and aligning efforts with organizational objectives. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, participants gain valuable insights and techniques to excel in their managerial roles. 

The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass aims to empower managers with the skills and confidence to create a positive work environment, drive performance, and make a lasting impact on their teams and organizations.

The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is designed for managers and leaders at all levels who are seeking to enhance their people management skills and maximize their impact within their teams and organizations. Whether you are a new manager looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced manager aiming to refine your managerial abilities, the masterclass provides valuable insights and practical strategies that can benefit individuals in various industries and sectors. 

It is suitable for supervisors, team leaders, project managers, department heads, and executives who want to excel in their managerial roles, drive team performance, and achieve exceptional results.

The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass delves into a comprehensive range of topics to equip participants with the necessary skills to excel as managers. The masterclass covers the following key areas:

  • Guidance Ability: Learn how to become a model figure for your team, facilitating collaboration, giving constructive feedback, and nurturing team members for their long-term development.

  • Interpersonal Skills: Develop effective communication techniques, explore strategies for team motivation and morale, learn to consider multiple perspectives, and master the art of balancing stakeholders.

  • Analytical Skills: Enhance your information processing abilities, cultivate insights, navigate resource allocation, and refine your decision-making skills to make well-informed choices.

  • Emotional Competence: Develop emotional management strategies, strengthen your empathy skills, learn techniques for handling team tensions, and effectively manage conflicting situations.

The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass recognizes the importance of these critical areas for managerial success and provides practical tools and techniques to enhance your proficiency. By addressing guidance ability, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and emotional competence, the masterclass empowers participants to become well-rounded and impactful managers.

The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is a comprehensive learning experience designed to be completed within a duration of 6 hours. It is split across four weekly sessions, with each session being approximately 1.5 hours in length. This format allows participants to engage in focused and interactive learning, providing ample time for knowledge assimilation, practical exercises, and group discussions.

By spanning over four weeks, the masterclass ensures a progressive and immersive learning journey, allowing participants to apply the concepts and strategies learned in each session to their real-world managerial challenges. The distributed nature of the sessions also enables participants to reflect on their learnings, seek clarifications, and receive feedback from the instructor throughout the duration of the masterclass.

The Manager Effectiveness Masterclasses are conducted in an online format, providing participants with the convenience and flexibility of attending from anywhere with an internet connection. The online delivery format ensures that participants can access the masterclass from the comfort of their own workspace or location of their choice, eliminating the need for travel and logistical arrangements.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate serves as a recognition of your commitment to professional development and the acquisition of valuable managerial skills.

Yes, participants of the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass will have access to course materials and resources even after the completion of the program. This ensures that you can continue to review and reinforce the concepts and strategies covered during the masterclass at your own pace.

No, there are no specific prerequisite knowledge or prior experience requirements to attend the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass. The program is designed to cater to managers and leaders at various levels of experience, from new managers looking to build a strong foundation to seasoned leaders seeking to refine their skills.

Absolutely! The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is designed to benefit managers at various stages of their career, including new managers. In fact, the masterclass can be especially valuable for new managers as it provides them with the essential skills, strategies, and insights needed to excel in their role from the outset.

Our Manager Effectiveness Masterclass stands out from other leadership training programs due to several key differentiators that ensure a highly impactful and personalized learning experience:

  1. Interactive and Engaging: We believe in active learning and fostering engagement throughout the Masterclass. Our sessions are designed to be interactive, incorporating group discussions, case studies, role plays, and hands-on exercises. This not only deepens understanding but also encourages participants to apply their learnings in real-world scenarios, enhancing their practical skills as managers and leaders.

  2. Continuous Learning with Risely, an AI Copilot for Managers: We go beyond the duration of the Masterclass by offering a unique package that includes access to Risely, an AI-powered Copilot for managers. Risely provides ongoing support and learning resources, allowing participants to continue their development journey even after the Masterclass ends. With Risely, managers can access valuable insights, receive personalized recommendations, and stay updated with the latest industry trends, ensuring that learning never stops.

  3. Ongoing Support for Three Months: We believe in providing comprehensive support to our participants. After completing the Masterclass, participants receive three months of dedicated support from our team of experts. This includes follow-up sessions, Q&A sessions, and access to additional resources and materials. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the Masterclass, as we aim to help you apply your learnings effectively and overcome any challenges that may arise in your managerial role.

  4. Small Cohorts for High Interaction: We understand the importance of interaction and collaboration in the learning process. That’s why we maintain small cohorts in our Manager Effectiveness Masterclass. This ensures a conducive environment for high-quality interaction between participants and the trainer. The smaller group size allows for more personalized attention, in-depth discussions, and the opportunity to learn from peers in a supportive and engaging setting.

These differentiators make our Manager Effectiveness Masterclass a unique and transformative experience for managers and leaders. We are dedicated to empowering you with the skills, tools, and ongoing support necessary to excel in your managerial role and drive success for your team and organization.

Absolutely! We encourage organizations to take advantage of the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass as a team-building and professional development opportunity. Attending the Masterclass together with your team members can foster a shared learning experience, enhance collaboration, and align your managerial approach.

Bringing multiple team members from your organization offers several benefits:

  1. Shared Language and Approach: By attending the Masterclass as a team, you can establish a common understanding and language when it comes to effective management practices. This shared knowledge and approach can streamline communication, improve teamwork, and create a cohesive work environment.

  2. Consistency and Alignment: When your team members learn and develop together, it enables them to align their managerial strategies, techniques, and approaches. This alignment promotes consistency in decision-making, enhances collaboration, and fosters a unified organizational culture.

  3. Mutual Support and Growth: Attending the Masterclass as a group provides a built-in support system within your team. You can discuss and reflect on the concepts and strategies covered, exchange ideas, and provide mutual support throughout the learning journey. This collaborative environment enhances the learning experience and promotes collective growth.

To accommodate multiple team members from your organization, we offer flexible group packages and discounted rates. The specific details, including pricing and package options, can be tailored to meet the needs and size of your team.

To further assist you, please provide us with some information about the number of team members you intend to bring, their roles within the organization, and any specific requirements or objectives you have for attending the Masterclass as a group. This will allow us to customize a package that suits your organization’s needs and maximizes the benefits of attending as a team.

We look forward to supporting your team’s growth and development through the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass.

Registering for the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is a simple and straightforward process. To secure your spot in the upcoming cohorts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the form above: Please provide us with your contact information and any specific details or requirements you may have. This will help us ensure we address your needs and provide you with the necessary information.

  2. Receive details via email: Once you have filled out the form, our team will process your request and send you an email with all the relevant details about the upcoming cohorts. This email will include the session dates, timings, and any additional instructions you need to know.

  3. Enroll the participants: Based on the email instructions, you can proceed to enroll the participants from your organization who will be attending the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass. We will provide you with the necessary information and forms to complete the enrollment process.

  4. Pay the registration fee: Along with the enrollment forms, you will receive information about the registration fee and the available payment options. Please ensure that the registration fee is paid within the specified timeframe to secure the spots for your team members.

  5. Confirmation and further communication: Once the registration fee is received, we will confirm your participation and provide you with any additional details or resources you may need. We will also keep you updated on any pre-session materials or preparations required.

If you have any specific questions or if there are any other details we need to know for your registration, please feel free to share them with us at [email protected]. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth registration process and supporting you throughout your Manager Effectiveness Masterclass journey.

The cost of attending the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass is $247. However, we believe in providing exceptional value to our participants, and through various components of the program, you’ll receive a total value of $1700. Let’s break it down:

  1. Program value: The Manager Effectiveness Masterclass itself is valued at $1000. During the masterclass, you’ll gain valuable insights, learn practical skills, and receive expert guidance to enhance your managerial effectiveness.

  2. Risely bundle usage: As part of the masterclass package, you’ll also have a 3-month access to Risely, an AI Copilot for managers. The usage of Risely is valued at $250, and it allows you to continue your learning journey beyond the masterclass, providing ongoing support and personalized recommendations.

  3. Post-masterclass sessions: To ensure your continued growth and development, we offer post-masterclass sessions valued at $450. These sessions provide you with additional resources, tools, and support to reinforce what you’ve learned and help you apply it in your day-to-day work.

  4. Certificate: Upon completion of the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass, you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your participation and successful completion of the program. The value of this certificate is priceless, as it represents your commitment to enhancing your managerial skills and sets you apart as a qualified and effective leader.

We want to ensure that you receive exceptional value from your investment in the Manager Effectiveness Masterclass. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and support necessary to become an outstanding manager and drive success in your organization.

If you have any further questions or if there are specific details you would like to know regarding the cost or payment process, please provide the relevant information, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.

Thank you for considering our Manager Effectiveness Masterclass, and we look forward to welcoming you to the program!