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Risely is a Learning & Development product, most of our users utilize the L&D budget available to them and their teams. Please check with your manager or the HR teams.

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Young leaders who are just starting out with people management.
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Mid career leaders who have manged small teams before.
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Senior career professionals who have other people managers reporting to them.
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You don't need a Credit Card to start your 14-day free trial

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Risely has been a game-changer for my team and me. The customized tips my team and I get daily have helped us create stronger working relationships. We are more confident in our ability to deliver on our objectives.
Prashanth BN
AVP Technology, Byju's
In day to day hustle of the team, one misses the loss of productivity that we might be experiencing. Risely helped me cut the fog and build stronger teams in a short time.
Geeta Manchanda
Director, Axtria
I have had 1-1 coaching before, and Risely was so much different. I could pace the guidance as per my preference and customize the challenges with individual team members. The practical advice during my workday helps me easily navigate challenging situations.
Garima Mathur
Director - Strategic Marketing, Micron Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions

Risely is an AI Coach that will help you navigate and solve the daily challenges you face while working with your teams. Don’t you confront different issues with different team members? Someone in your team doesn’t take ownership? Or someone has frequent performance issues? Or is the team going through a transition, and you need help in helping them navigate the change?

Like the above examples, there are numerous challenges that a manager faces, and it impacts your peace of mind and performance. As a result, it affects your career prospects and growth.

This is how Risely helps you. An opportunity to have a more fulfilling people management experience and a more rewarding professional life.

You would have heard of Leadership and Executive Coaches. These coaches typically work with professionals like you to help solve their challenges and unlock potential. This approach is excellent and very effective, but there is a minor flaw. The knowledge base of your coach drives the efficacy of the solutions. After some point, it will taper off.

Risely, as an AI coach, is a tech-enabled approach to coaching. But it is not limited in knowledge. Risely has scanned myriad sources of information to provide you with the best possible solutions for all your challenges. Moreover, the update in knowledge happens automatically and instantaneously as newer research comes in.

Since technology can be fickle, we just don’t rely on that. Our experts ensure that only the best and curated suggestions and solutions reach you for your problems.

A challenge is a problem you face in your working life with your team. This can be with the direct reports or indirect reports you have. Risely has 40+ most prevalent challenges pre-configured for your ease of use. You just need to configure Risely and tell it the challenges you face with your team.

Risely will create an exhaustive Learn Journey with a guided path consisting of daily nudges, toolkits, and assessments to track progress.

A nudge is a daily nugget of learning that Risely will send you. This small, actionable, and practical piece of information will help you solve your challenge when you implement it in your work style. This nudge reminds you of the solution when you are in your flow of work and gives you something small you can implement immediately. Small habits lead to a more significant change in working behavior over time.

From time to time, Risely will also send you detailed toolkits for some core people management skills. This would be as per the guided path defined in your Learn Journey. These toolkits will provide you with detailed frameworks and examples of that skill.

As you work on your challenges and gain expertise in new skills, you can use assessments to measure your progress. These assessments are administered periodically. Also, you have two modes for these assessments 1) Self-assessments and 2) Team assessments. Self-assessments are your appraisal of your skills. At the same time, team assessment is an opportunity to get honest feedback from your team. This is what unlocks a plethora of understanding for you as a manager.

No, there will not be a human coach to help you with your challenges. Risley is an AI coaching platform that leverages AI and behavioral science to solve your challenges in a better way than a human coach will do.

The 14-day trial lets you experience Risely based on your profile. You can choose the right plan when you sign up, and Risely will work accordingly during the 14-day trial. During these 14-days, you will have full access to Risely based on the selected plan.

At any point during the 14 days, you can end the trial and move to a full-time subscription either through a monthly or an annual plan.

And the best part, you don’t need a credit card to start your 14-day trial. You would need one when you are converting to a paid plan.

You can use all the features listed in the plan that you will select at the signup time. You can also move to a higher or a lower plan during your trial.

No, you don’t need a credit card to signup. You only need a credit card when you want to convert your trial to a full-time monthly or annual subscription.

Something to remember, Risely is a learning and development tool. If you have an approved L&D budget from your organization for yourself and your team, you might be able to use it. Do check that and make full use of it.

To pay for your subscription, you need a credit card. Most of our customers use the pre-approved learning and development or tools budgets they have available from their company. Some even use the team-building budgets they have at their disposal. They either use the corporate cards to pay for Risely or pay from their personal cards and expense it per their company’s policy.

At the end of the 14 days, your trial will automatically expire, and you will lose access to all features of Risely. You can still convert your account to a paid plan on either a monthly or annual subscription.

It is optional for you to add your team to Risely. However, if you do, you can customize your challenges and Learn Journey better. By adding your team members, you can configure challenges with individual team members you face.

If you invite your team onboard, Risely will also send nudges to your team based on the challenges you have configured. This is without disclosing to them what challenges you have set with them.

Another benefit of adding your team is that you can collect their honest and anonymous feedback about your skills and working style. As a manager, this will give you a lot of understanding and help you identify the areas you must work on. Risely will also learn and customize your Learn Journey better with this knowledge.

Yes, Risely can be helpful in such a situation also. In essence, you have working relationships with a bunch of people, and you feel these working relationships need to be better for you to perform as a manager and a team. People you work with can be your direct reports, indirect reports, cross-functional reports, or even temporary reports.

Yes, absolutely. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Please note that your upgrade subscription changes will be effective immediately since you need a higher plan for your needs. The downgrade of a subscription takes effect from the next billing cycle, which depending on your plan, can be monthly or annually.

Fear not. You can cancel your subscription at any point in time. Just go to the billing section within the app and click on the cancel subscription.

Using a new tool or technology can need support. We understand, and we are here to help you at every step. If you need help setting up or at any point while using the service, you can reach us at [email protected], and our teams will help you.

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