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Merlin - AI Coach for Leadership Development

How Merlin takes you beyond the usual

Always Available

Merlin answers your questions as and when they arise. Forget waiting for the next best moment before getting the support you deserve.

For Everyone

1-1 Coaching is an expensive affair, and some of us lose out. Not anymore! Merlin is available for every manager in your organization.

With Holistic Wisdom

Heal issues from the root causes. Merlin's knowledge covers every leadership area with the approach your situation demands.

You are in Great Company

People managers from leading organizations trust Merlin, The AI Leadership Coach

Merlin leverages Advanced AI and a Comprehensive Knowledge Base to provide personalized leadership coaching at scale

AI Leadership Coaching

Get Skill Coaching whenever you need

Share a challenge or a skill you have in mind to get started, and Merlin, your AI Leadership Coach, will guide you with actionable tips, scientific frameworks, tools, and examples to build 30+ Leadership Skills.

Ace every tricky conversation with preparation

Some conversations make us sweat. Merlin's roleplay mode helps you fine-tune tricky conversations with each of your team members.

All in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Let Merlin be your culture agent

Merlin weaves your norms and values into the coaching flow, making your managers the perfect culture ambassadors for their teams.

No two managers are alike

Merlin understands what your functional and hierarchical role demands to deliver a coaching experience that matches your professional needs.

Access coaching, as you like it

Merlin offers guidance in your native language and inside your preferred workspace, supporting 40+ languages and voice mode for an experience worth your time.​

What's powering Merlin's Coaching Expertise?

AI Leadership Coach
I am Merlin, your AI Leadership Coach for people management skills. I am built on a large language model for leadership development, which forms the core of my knowledge base. To gain my knowledge and expertise, I have scoured gigabytes of data, research papers, and frameworks. My creators have helped me understand what’s relevant and what’s not. Having said that, I am still learning with every coaching conversation.

I have been trained to follow the best coaching practices while keeping empathy and mindful probing at the heart of every conversation. This helps me provide you with relevant and accessible guidance in every situation.

While I understand that trusting an AI is difficult, and you may have questions about how your data is used, our conversations remain between us and are stored only for later reference. If you have more questions, you can reach me at [email protected]

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250+ managers signed up last month. Create your free account now.