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Conflict Chronicles: Real-Life Stories of Managers Who Triumphed Over Turbulent Times

Ever wonder why experts harp on conflict management skills? After all, we can all get into a

spat and find our way out, right? Conflicts are not strange to a manager. Most of us have seen many play out, yet there’s something that differentiates good #ConflictResolution from other attempts. What’s the secret ingredient?

Well, let’s find out in today’s edition of The Top newsletter. 🔎💪

Here’s a story

The marketing team at a software company was working on a new product launch. However, there were some troubles on the way. The designers were having a disagreement about the overall look of the product. There were several ways out and little compromise. The copywriter was overwhelmed by the amount of work that needed to be done, and the project manager was stressed about meeting the deadline. 😵💫

Enter the first manager

Let’s call him John. He’s a good engineer. But does this effectiveness translate into managerial efficiency too? He starts by trying to get the designers to agree on a compromise. But the designers are too entrenched in their positions to compromise, and none budge. John then tries to tell the copywriter to just “buckle down and get the work done.” However, the copywriter feels that John is not listening to her concerns. There’s little resolution on the way. 😞

Enter the second manager

Let’s call her Mary. Mary’s expertise in handling teams helps her take a different route. She starts by asking the designers to share their vision for the product. She then helps them to identify the critical areas of disagreement. Once the areas of disagreement are identified, Mary helps the designers come up with a solution that addresses everyone’s needs.

She then moves to the copywriter to understand what’s bugging them. After listening to her, Mary discussed with the Project Manager how to find a solution to the overwhelming amount of work through delegation and cross-functional collaboration within the team. 🙂

What Made The difference?

The difference between the two managers is that John did not have the skills or experience to manage the conflict effectively. He tried to force a solution, which only made the conflict worse. While he is a sound engineer, his managerial skills still needed some polishing.

On the other hand, Mary created a safe space for the designers to share their feelings and come up with a solution that everyone was happy with. Conflict resolution skills, such as communication, confrontation, and collaboration, aided her in the process. ✅✨

When a #conflict arises, it is important to create a safe space for people to share their feelings and come up with a solution that everyone is happy with. Managers who cannot manage conflicts effectively are likely to enhance the problem rather than solve it.

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