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Is Your Team Hesitant to Disturb You?

Here’s a simple question: does your team know you are there for them? Now, I don’t mean to disparage your efforts. But let’s think about it. You are present, nearby, and often visible, yet engrossed in your work.

Would your team members think twice before contacting you when they are stuck? If yes, there’s some work to do. Let’s undo these invisible walls together today. 🧱

Breaking the Ice

Suppose your manager is sitting right before you, and you have a question. You have been stuck for hours, and asking him will likely complete things as soon as possible. But, you wait. Why?

Your manager looks busy. They are entirely focused on the desk. They are tense, and you are sure your question will interrupt them. Most likely to make them annoyed. So you mail them instead. 😞

Yet, here’s a twist. What if simple changes could make this situation better? Let’s revisit. You are there with a question while your manager is fixed on their screen. For a second, they look up and offer a reassuring smile. You get the inlet you need! There goes the question, and you have some hours and hesitation saved. 😀

So, what made the difference? In the second setup, you could approach your manager. Being present is essential, but it’s useless until and unless your team knows you are there for them, not merely by circumstance. ✅

Approachability 101

How can you do that? Being an approachable manager is simple.

  • Know your team and what they do. Understanding their roles will help you establish connections and foster trust. 🤝
  • Focus on your body language. We all are busy, tense, and focused at work. Yet, being relaxed and open to conversation can help your team interact. 🧑💼
  • Empathy and authenticity are your guides. Being genuine in your interactions while understanding your team’s perspectives will help them see you as an approachable guide in times of need. 🗣️
  • Share anecdotes and reassure others. Talking about your experiences can help your team relax and connect. 👍
  • Choose words and phrases that convey positivity. Avoid negative or judgmental language that may make others hesitant to approach you. 🧘

Ultimately, the game is all about communication in its various forms. Sometimes, actions say a lot. So make sure that yours are spelling out the correct messages! It’s not just about the words; communication encompasses your body language, gestures, and listening habits. You can test your communication and active listening skills for free with Risely’s self-assessments for people managers today to get started toward a new way of leadership.

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