Conflict Management Assessment

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Conflict Management Assessment

Can you smartly navigate team conflicts that threaten performance? Discover where your skills can falter with the free conflict management assessment.

conflict management assessment

How good are your conflict management skills?

Strong conflict management skills help leaders save their teams from the chaos and confusion of conflicts. They resist clashes to make space for cohesion.
Are you prepared to do the same when challenges strike? Find out now with the free conflict management assessment.

conflict management assessment

How will this conflict management assessment help you?

Find out loopholes that make your conflict management style ineffective. Weed out the errors that frequently get your team tangled in damaging conflicts.

Understand the essential actions of a manager for effective conflict resolution habits that help your team escape disputes and a hostile environment.

Unlock the secrets to building winning teams that run on cohesion and collaboration. Keep conflicts at bay and become the best manager for your team.

Enhance your conflict management skills to smartly maneuver people management challenges that prop up hurdles in steadfast professional growth.

What are conflict management skills for managers?

What are conflict management skills?

Conflict management skills refer to the ability of a manager to resolve and overcome the impact of disputes in their teams. Conflict situations are a testament to the manager's understanding of their team and put their managerial skills, such as communication and emotional intelligence, to the test.

conflict management assessment
conflict management assessment

Why do managers need conflict management skills?

Every manager needs solid conflict management skills to prevent interpersonal disagreements from rising into a hostile environment for the whole team, which curbs productivity. It helps managers create a more collaborative and positive space for the team and elevates them into trustworthy leaders.

What happens if your conflict management skills are weak?

Weak conflict management skills of a manager pave the way for unproductive teams existing in unhealthy environments. Common disputes and confrontations steal motivation, resulting in dissatisfied employees leaving. It raises questions about the manager's people skills and ability to face challenges.

conflict management assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

The 5 Cs of conflict management are the fundamental principles of conflict management for managers. These include:

– Carefully listening to all parties 

– Consideration while looking at the situation 

– Calmly discussing the differences

– Conscientiously viewing all the facts, and 

– Cooperatively working together throughout the process

The purpose of conflict management for managers is to create a productive and positive space where team members can collaborate to generate higher performance. It includes enabling motivation and employee satisfaction with a view of caring for their opinions and well-being.

Conflict management can take many forms. The five most common conflict management strategies are:

  • Accommodation 
  • Avoidance
  • Compromise 
  • Collaboration
  • Cooperation
In its shortest form, the four steps of the conflict management process include the following:

1: Communicating with all the involved parties and understanding their perspectives 

2: Actively listening to all parties 

3: Reviewing the available alternatives for the team 

4: Picking the most efficient solution that helps all 

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