Persuasion Assessment

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Persuasion Assessment

Can your words sway opinions? With sound reasoning, managers can get teams and other stakeholders on their side. Take this free self-assessment now to know how persuasive you are.

Persuasion Assessment

How strong is your persuasion ability?

Managers face situations where opinions differ and reasons clash. Persuading someone to side with your beliefs is critical to overcoming such chaotic moments. It lets you create a harmonious environment for teams to work with a single-minded focus. Start building your persuasion skills today with this assessment.

Persuasion Assessment

How will this persuasion assessment help you?

Learn what holds you back – limiting beliefs or weak reasoning – and makes you ineffective among people. Defeat barriers that make you unpersuasive.

Build strong reasoning and argumentative abilities as the foundation of your persuasion skills to beat team conflicts and politics with solid negotiation.

Use persuasion skills to easily manage teams by creating cohesion and robust relationships—Garner support for your decisions to lead successful operations.

Become a thought leader of your space with impeccable persuasion skills that help you influence the masses – whether in teams or among peers.

Why and how should you develop persuasion skills?

What does a persuasive manager look like?

A persuasive manager is known for their focused and controlled approach at work. They are skilled at convincing others to accept and act on their ideas, opinions, and decisions. As opposed to imposing, they confidently tackle resistance with their ability to influence others through reasoning and argumentation.

persuasion assessment
persuasion assessment

Why does every manager need persuasion skills?

Persuasion skills are indispensable for managers to become effective. They help managers align teams toward a singular objective without becoming overpowering, escape petty confrontations, and achieve what they want, like a boss. Persuasion skills signify strong leadership ability too.

What if you are not persuasive?

Managers without persuasion skills frequently get stuck at dead ends with uncooperative teams that lack trust in their competencies. As a result, they cannot execute their plans and are stuck in conversations to convince others of their ideas, signaling limited professional growth.

persuasion assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Persuasion is the process of aligning a person’s notions, ideas, and opinions with your own without coercion or pressure. It is done through reasoning and arguments to gain support for personal objectives. It is a critical skill for leaders as they need to influence and motivate people to act. 

Persuasion skills are a combination of multiple skills. It includes communication skills such as active listening and assertive communication. Problem-solving ability is needed to derive and execute decisions. Confidence makes persuasion effective as it fosters trust. 

The key to becoming a persuasive manager is to foster trust in your mission. Your credibility as a manager, relationships with team members, and ability to demonstrate the reason behind your actions add to it. A confident composure also helps in becoming more persuasive. 

The keys of persuasion are crucial in making it effective. They include reciprocity, scarcity, authority, commitment and consistency, liking, and consensus. These elements create a  more persuasive persona. 

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