Strategic Thinking Assessment

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Strategic Thinking Assessment

Can you spot the right opportunities for your team to grab? Or do challenges surprise your plans? Find out how well you strategize with a free assessment.

strategic thinking assessment

How good are your strategic thinking skills?

Strategic thinking keeps managers ahead of the future. It enables you to identify opportunities to score and challenges to defeat to ensure a win for your team. Are your strategic thinking skills sharp enough to get your team through? Find out now with the free strategic thinking assessment for managers.

strategic thinking assessment

How will this strategic thinking assessment help you as a manager?

Take the assessment to develop your unique route toward sharper strategic thinking skills as a manager in just a few minutes.

Identify loopholes and assumptions that harm your strategic thinking skills and limit your performance as an effective team manager.  

Uncover the unhealthy habits that limit your vision to unlock secrets to leading a team with a powerful mission aided by strategic thinking.

Avoid the confusion surrounding strategic thinking and develop clear processes to guide purposeful teams toward their objectives with your ideas.

What is strategic thinking and why is it important for managers?

What is strategic thinking for managers?

Strategic thinking is the skill that distinguishes effective leaders. It is the hallmark of successful managers who can craft visionary plans that understand the bigger picture, incorporate the vision and values of the team, and defeat shared challenges.

strategic thinking assessment
strategic thinking assessment

Make the most of opportunities

Strategic thinking crafts leaders out of managers by lending them the vision to identify and grab opportunities at the right time. Offering the best bet for managers to escape professional stagnation and chaos, strategic thinking is essential to make the most of every opportunity.

Think for the future

Strategic thinking enables managers to think long-term and account for all the uncertainties that may strike. Rising beyond daily events, strategic thinkers go a step ahead in the future and foresee the best possibilities for their team. Are you prepared to do the same? Find out now

strategic thinking assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic thinking refers to creating efficient plans to overcome future challenges and provide direction to the team. Teams that think strategically succeed as they prepare for changes. An example of strategic thinking is a manager creating a 6-month roadmap for the team while expecting changes in the country’s tax structure. 

The five key elements of strategic thinking have been highlighted in the research: a systems perspective, intent-focused plans, thinking in time, a hypothesis-driven approach, and intelligent opportunism. Managers who adopt these ideas can be termed strategic thinkers.

The key qualities of strategic thinkers are:

– Continuous learning: Whether on the job or off, a strategic thinker continuously learns from everyone through advice, experience, or expertise. 

– Risk appetite: Strategic thinkers are willing to trust their plans and work on them. 

The 6 Ps of strategic thinking break down the process into the core elements, which are as follows:

  • Plan
  • Ploy
  • Pattern
  • Position
  • Perspective
  • Process

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