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Managerial Tips for a Joyful Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again.

Yes, you guessed it right. The holiday season has kickstarted, and we are about to go off for the longest and presumably the best part of it. As winter kicks off, a new vibe sets in. The year’s ending; let’s push some ideas onto the next one. Or, by the year’s end, we need to rush these tasks at the earliest!

However, what it looks like for your team depends on what you do. But here’s the thing: the holiday season may not be the same for all your team members. 🙂

Making the Holidays Easy for All

While the spirit is of cheerfulness, strict deadlines often play the spoiler. There’s the added financial and social stress of performative roles. Trust me on this because the numbers align right well. In a survey, 88% of people highlighted it as the most stressful part of the year. The urge to be perfect also follows us at work with the perfect decor, the right gifts to exchange, and so on. 😥

But we are managers, right? We can put a pause on this. Here’s how:

  • Be empathetic: The key lies in understanding that holidays differ for everyone. Some team members could be affected due to personal issues at such times. Isolation often rises during the holiday season, as SHRM reports. Offering them an empathetic and supportive hand is essential. 🤝
  • Be inclusive: Moreover, keep in mind that inclusivity rests on remembering diversity. Do not get wrapped up in singular ideas of what holidays mean. Be open and celebrate together. 🎀
  • Be a little more flexible: Putting that cute decor up needs more than a few rounds to the supermarkets. And that’s not the end of it! As the time to reconnect with family and reset lives comes, employees need more time to themselves that you can offer. Helping set priorities and goals for end-of-year that don’t overburden teams is important, too.📆
  • Check-ins and checking out: Some of your team members would do great if you checked in with them frequently to chat and wrap things up. Conversely, encourage your team to take time off and enjoy the festivities. 🎆
  • Take the lead on planning: Workers report high stress toward the end of the year due to massive deadlines and planning needed for the following year. Managers can ease things out by planning to allow a few days of rest and relaxation for all. Ensure that they are not overwhelmed, and aid goal-setting for the new year on a positive note. 😀

Before the out-of-office notes start plugging in, here’s a quick note to all managers: take a break. For all the stigmas that they carry, breaks are not the ultimate hurdle in your growth. Often, they can be the panacea to many problems that escape our eyes every day. Reconnecting with family and friends over delectable chats and food is a great way to rejuvenate – don’t let the ghost of toxic productivity scare you away from what you need!

Promise yourself to grow beyond your limits and reach new heights in the year to come. 🎉

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