Risely is Live on Product Hunt. But what makes Risely stand apart?

People management challenges bug managers day in and out! Risely is designed to help up-and-coming managers navigate these challenges with ease. In our previous edition, we talked about the steps that lead to Risely. Today, we want to talk about the steps we climbed to reach the present. 

Building Risely from the ground up began with chit-chat around challenges that hamper managerial effectiveness. After interacting with numerous managers, it became clear that something was missing. While many solutions were available, each of them left us seeking more. 

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Typically when we think of leadership development, our thoughts fly straight to seminar halls filled with executives – yes, our average leadership development training session. Ostensibly filled with insights but unequipped to make them work. On the other hand, the costs and time-consuming nature kept many managers at bay. Self-help provides some sense of relief with its independence. But, the same feature leaves many mentees astray. 

So, what’s the way out? We discovered it with Risely. Filling all the gaps and overcoming limitations were essential parts of the process that resulted in this product. Through this journey, we created features that set Risely a class apart from the rest. 

  • Letting the leader in you shine: Risely guides you very simply. It does not pester you and does not mold your journey. Instead, it lets you take charge of your professional journey. With Risely, you can customize your learning journey to suit your unique needs and challenges. It gives you the freedom to choose the challenges that you are facing in real life and shares interventions accordingly, giving you relief from the boredom of tricks that are repeated in hall rooms but fail replication in meeting rooms. 
  • Collaborate with your team: Problems do not show up in precise sets. Often, they challenge our notions and press us to go out of our way. The best way to deal with such issues is to work with your team because your challenges are not just yours. Risely lets you add your team members so that you can work together for mutual learning. Not only that, our emphasis on feedback goes a long way. Risely’s unique features enable assessments managers and team members can take to understand where they diverge.  
  • Leaving boredom behind: Taking classes is never fun, especially after you have graduated long back. The team behind Risely knows this and takes you away from the monotony. Instead, we guide you with regular nudges that do not distract you from your schedule. All you need to do is take a few minutes every day to practice and enable precision in your leadership skills. 
  • Know yourself better: Many leadership development programs talk about established leaders, and rightly so. But what about you? Risely focuses on the leader inside you. It identifies your strengths and skills for your success. With the assessments and resources, you can assess how well you are performing and what’s keeping you behind. Picking blindspots and finding accurate interventions to fill those gaps is where we guide you. 
While the team designed Risely for managers and leaders worldwide, it was a learning experience for us too! Collaborating to develop the features that will suit a vast coterie of managers helped us understand ourselves better. From understanding the problems to seeing them pan out in real life, it was a continuous learning process for all of us. As a result, not only did we learn a lot about effective management, but we also recognized that the impact of these learnings would stay with us to guide us in our careers. 

After this journey spanning many months, we are proud to launch Risely on Product Hunt today. We look forward to helping management professionals make efficiency a habit that allows them to stride toward success. In tune with this, we are offering a 50% lifetime discount on all plans. You can start your Risely journey with a 14-day free trial and use the coupon “RISELYONPH” at checkout to continue learning. We are most eager to take you with us as we move forward. Join us today to achieve more in your professional journey. 

In addition to the interactive features that help managers take the lead over others, Risely continues to support them with well-researched and simplified content in its knowledge bank – be it blogs or newsletters.

Stay tuned with us to learn more about management and leadership over the coming weeks! 

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