are you on track to meet your q1 goals

Are you on track to meet your Q1 goals?

We are in the middle of the first quarter of 2024. Seems hard to believe. It surely is! ⏰

Time has passed by pretty quickly, but have our goals followed in the same stead? After starting on the high of a new year, we often falter. And that’s okay. In today’s edition of the Risely newsletter, let’s take a moment to reflect and reset.

We’re in the middle of it!

As the second week of February closes, we are officially in the center of the first quarter of this year. The steam typically cools down by this time, and high enthusiasm fizzles out. The reality starts to kick in. β€œAre we going to meet our targets for Q1?”

Instead of overthinking about it, let’s try to track some reasons why it happens:

  • Your work is not really yours. Someone else handed down the goals to you, and they just don’t feel yours. It happens with micromanagement and imbalance frequently. 🀹
  • While setting up goals for 2024, you became overambitious. Our ideal self sets goals often only to catch our realistic self struggling. πŸ“š
  • A lot is happening? If you have early morning hobby classes followed by high-speed sprints and closing the day with wellness habits you need to have, you are likely to be overburdened. πŸƒ
  • You are beating yourself up about it. For many of us, stress happens solely out of anticipation. If you don’t do certain things, you will be in trouble. So you keep thinking of the trouble instead of doing the things, and end up in (surprise) trouble! 😞

How can we step out of this toxic cycle and refocus?

It’s pretty simple: consider those directly impacted and ask them for feedback.

You 🧠

First and foremost, focus on yourself. Understand the scope of your duties and assess your critical skills with Risely’s self-assessments. From decision-making to delegation, we’ve got you covered. Checkmark

Your Team πŸ‘₯

Next, involve your team members. Recognizing the dullness of individual surveys, Risely offers anonymized team assessments to gather and report detailed feedback on your critical skills. Moreover, Risely tracks your skills over time alongside other managers, allowing for global benchmarking.

Unlock these features and more by signing up for free today! 🌟

PS: Don’t tell anyone about the secret superpower you get with Risely 🀫

Figuring The Next Steps πŸ› οΈ

Once you’ve identified areas for improvement, the question becomes how to proceed before we hit the end of the quarter. Managerial development offers various paths, including workshops, coaching sessions, and self-help tools. Risely integrates insights from these sources into one platform, delivering expert guidance directly to your mobile device daily upon signup. Start with these small steps today to lay the foundation for your future plans.

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