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Friday Huddles and More: Strategies for Team Unity and Performance

It is a #Friday. How are you planning to wrap up the week with your team? With a sprinkle of fun activities and some good old chit-chat with your team? Curious about their reactions? Take a second to reflect – because it’s worth pondering. 🤔

Gallup drops a bit of a bombshell: Only 32% of folks on the work scene in the US are riding the “actively engaged” train. The rest hover around the “not engaged” or even “actively #disengaged” zones. It’s a red flag for managers, but the solution seems to be playing hide-and-seek. So, where do we go from here? 🚩

Move Beyond the Standard 17-Item Team Building Checklist 📋

While the #engagement-o-meter might be stuck in a rut, here’s the silver lining: Team members seek a sense of togetherness at work. According to Gusto‘s survey, more than half of the employees (54%) have stuck around a job longer than they should because of a sense of #belonging. So, what’s the secret recipe brewing in these crews? 🤫

Let’s Refresh Employee Engagement with a Quick Peek 👀

  • Forge Personal Links: Knowing your teammates personally is like adding secret sauce to the mix. When a manager jumps in with interest and cares about a teammate’s tasks, it’s like saying, “Hey, you matter!” It leads to feeling valued and, you guessed it, better performance. One-on-one meetings are a great way to get this started, where you can connect even with those team members who often remain outside the limelight. 💪
  • Mix and Mingle, Inside and Out: No surprises here – nobody wants to be cubicle-bound day in, day out. Teams thrive when they can see their efforts making waves. Managers should boost teamwork by fusing projects across departments and opening up the feedback floodgates. Bonus move: Chat with the end-users of your products to get authentic reviews, appreciation, and feedback. 💬
  • Engagement’s a Group Effort: Here’s the scoop – managers, start from the ground up. Team-building magic begins with every single member playing a starring role. The trick is to bridge the gap between teams and bigwigs, focusing on that human touch. Top-down initiatives, on the other hand, can leave the teams feeling forced and stuck – which can cost you heavily. 🤝

Grab free resources

We get it; work keeps you occupied, and that’s why Risely is here to offer you a plethora of free tips and tricks you can explore with your team. Here’s the gist just one click away

Break those walls between teams and higher-ups – it’s the ticket to nailing this modern era. While the age-old wisdom focused on supervising your subordinates, the new era calls for fostering healthy connections with your co-workers. It’s a “hello” for managers to brush up on people skills and personal bonds. Keep the dial tuned to Risely for more of these golden nuggets! 🌟

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