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Say hello to bite-sized learning

Today, in The Top newsletter, I want to dive into a small idea that addresses a seemingly big issue.

So, my team and I have been working closely with managers, and we’ve embarked on this exciting journey called Manager Stories. It’s been about a quarter since we started, and let me tell you, the entire process of curating these stories has been a real eye-opener for us, from getting people on board to publishing. But the real gems have been the conversations we’ve had.

During one of our chats with Shine Nagpal, he dropped a nugget of wisdom that really resonated with us. He said, “I didn’t want to spend hours in training sessions when I could be with my family.” 🕰️ Shine wasn’t alone in feeling this way. Shockingly, only 11% of executives see value in leadership development programs, according to a recent McKinsey report. 📊

These numbers raise a red flag because leadership development programs are supposed to be the lifeblood of organizations worldwide. But clearly, something’s missing. Our conversations with managers and leaders have shed some light on this issue:

  • Leadership development should be more personalized. Inspirational examples are fantastic, but challenges aren’t one-size-fits-all.
  • Training sessions can be a drag if they’re dull. Development programs need to be engaging, fostering retention and genuine growth.
  • Occasional training doesn’t always cut it. Real-life scenarios don’t follow a seminar script, leaving managers puzzled when unexpected issues arise.
  • Clarity is an excellent place to start with. Managers understand the concepts, ideas, and need for leadership training much more when they can see the impact and know where to apply their learnings.

So, how do we tackle this? The challenge lies in creating scalable solutions that adapt to a wide range of circumstances – something traditional training often struggles with. After all, there are limits on the capacity of on-site coaches, and workshops only suit some. Geographical and financial limitations lead to smaller organizations often falling through the cracks. Moreover, not every manager on your team will resonate with the same approach! There are a lot of factors at play. 🏢

That’s where technology swoops in to save the day. 🚀 Take Risely, for example. When managers sign up, they get to define their specific challenges. As they progress, they receive gentle nudges designed to focus on their personal growth. And guess what? These nudges won’t eat up your entire day – they’re as simple as reading an inspiring quote that guides you through your day. How convenient is that?

sample nudge from Risely's AI coach Merlin about constructive feedback

There’s a chatbot to help you constantly – whether you are wondering how a difficult conversation will play out or beating yourself up to figure out precisely what’s missing in your skillset – Merlin will guide you through.

Add skill assessments and a skill center to showcase your progress, and top it off with masterclasses to dive deeper into the mess and detangle your leadership journey. You get a holistic solution to your people management troubles. And the best part? You can sign up today for free and embark on a whole new journey of development interventions. 🌟

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