Redefining Leadership: Uday Parmar's Blueprint for Success

Redefining Leadership: Uday Parmar’s Blueprint for Success

Becoming a new manager is an exciting milestone in every professional’s career. With new responsibilities and expectations on their shoulders, you must have heard them saying I will not be the stereotypical manager you have seen. No micromanaging, no bossing team members; I will be the cool boss the team can come to.

But do you know, according to research conducted by CEB, 60% of all new managers fail within the first 24 months. And the main reason behind it is lack of training. Under work pressure and stress to prove themselves, they end up giving out orders and stop empathizing with the team. Unknowingly, they become the stereotypical manager they always dreaded.

Take a moment to reflect on the managers you’ve encountered throughout your career. If you are lucky, there must be one who stands out in your memory – a manager who left a mark on your career. What traits set them apart from these stereotypical managers? They must be those who understand that with great power comes great responsibility. Leadership is not about standing tall but bending down, rolling up your sleeves, and working twice as hard as everyone else. 

Today, we will explore the managerial journey of a leader with a similar approach, Uday Parmar, co-founder of Lilypad, an e-commerce platform for electric vehicles. Despite his extensive global travel and studies, Uday remains humble. He thinks that taking on leadership roles has made him even more grounded. He has 20+ years of experience in international sales and business development. Apart from this, he finds joy in mentoring people, hitting the gym, and spending time with his furry friend.

Ready to be inspired, challenged, and a little humbled as a leader? Uday’s story might give a friendly nudge to those managers who once aimed to be great leaders but might have lost their way.

Humility and Teamwork: Uday Parmar’s Formula for a Thriving Team

Uday Parmar has 15+ years of experience managing teams in traditional job roles and in the startups he founded. Like most new managers, he didn’t have formal training and felt unprepared for the challenges. However, what set him apart was his desire to improve himself continuously. Uday approached his managerial role with an open mind, eager to learn and acquire new skills from everyone around him, regardless of their position or years of experience. This commitment to constant growth and learning played a crucial role in shaping Uday into the adaptive leader he is today.

I was terribly unprepared for it – and have learned, unlearned, and re-learned multiple times over these years.

Uday Parmar
In his initial days as a manager, Uday faced a challenge, which helped him understand that this managerial journey will never be linear and that he will have to reinvent himself based on the situations and team members. Looking back, he recalled one situation wherein one of his high-performing team members disagreed with Uday’s approach to the campaign. Rather than forcing his view on the team member, Uday took an unconventional route to find common ground. He split the team into two groups, each running a different campaign style – one aligned with Uday’s strategy and the other following the team member’s approach. 

At the end of the 4-week campaign trial, Uday was surprised by the outcome: his strategy, combined with trust in his team members, resulted in fewer meetings than the alternative gung-ho phone-based approach. 

I was amazed to learn that my well-thought-out and time-tested methodology resulted in limited success. It taught me a valuable lesson, for sure.

Uday Parmar
This experience left a lasting impact, shaping two key learnings that became the foundation of his leadership style. First, managers should never have the know-it-all attitude, and second, managers can also learn from their team members, not just the other way around. This incident taught him the importance of humility and that even though you’re a manager, you don’t always have to have all the answers. Learning from others, especially those in your team who might have valuable insights, is necessary. 

Uday Parmar’s Approach to Managerial Challenges

Despite Uday’s years of experience, he still faces challenges as a manager. He has shared two of his most common challenges that many fellow managers would relate to.

Firstly, getting the entire team to progress and move along smoothly toward a common goal, and secondly, helping teams spend time on what they have as priorities, as opposed to company priorities.

Uday acknowledges that getting everyone on the same page and ensuring cohesive progress is not a walk in the park. That’s why his leadership style thrives on giving everyone a voice. He believes that when every team member has a say, there is a greater sense of ownership and commitment. By fostering an environment where everyone’s input is valued, Uday found that teams become self-motivated, adding value and working independently towards shared objectives.

I am a believer in ‘What gets measured gets done.’

Uday Parmar
He has also shared a simple yet powerful philosophy. He emphasizes regular measurement and reporting to stay focused and unbiased. He believes many team management problems get solved if one knows what to measure, how to measure, and how to report. He emphasizes. This approach addresses challenges and fosters a proactive environment driven by clear goals and accountability.

Uday’s strategic approach to measurement and reporting is not just a solution but a dynamic process fostering continuous improvement. By implementing these practices, managers can navigate the challenge of aligning team focus with priorities, promoting a culture of transparency and data-driven decision-making within their teams.

Drawing Wisdom from Colleagues and Experiences

Uday’s leadership learning extends beyond his own experiences; he picked a few things through observation and a few from colleagues. While working as a director at EY, he encountered the challenge of the dearth of quality content because of an inexperienced team. Rather than waiting for solutions from the content team, Uday sought advice from Harsha, Head of Forensic Technology at EY India.

Harsha taught me a valuable lesson DIY(Do it yourself).

Uday Parmar
Harsha provided a simple yet powerful solution to the problem: “Why do we need to wait for others when we can do it ourselves.” Reflecting on this, Uday shared that day he learned there are times when managers have to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. He understood the invaluable lesson of leading by example. This hands-on approach sets him apart as a boss who practices what he preaches, emphasizing the importance of taking the initiative.

I observed that not communicating the challenges team members were going through created a wall between managers and their teams.

Uday Parmar
To ensure there’s no communication gap between him and his team. Uday actively takes steps to dismantle the barriers. How does he do it? Through a combination of an open-door policy and candid self-disclosure.

Firstly, he promotes an open-door policy. He encourages the team to discuss challenges, share ideas, and solve problems openly. This policy acts as a bridge, creating a culture where communication flows freely in both directions, eliminating awkwardness.

Secondly, Uday breaks away from traditional leadership by openly embracing vulnerability, sharing his weaknesses, shortcomings, and areas where he may lack understanding. This honesty isn’t a weakness but a demonstration of Uday’s authenticity as a leader. It establishes a safe space where team members feel comfortable sharing and building trust and mutual understanding.

Uday Parmar’s Tips for Effective Leadership

For aspiring managers, Uday offers three golden tips:

Be Yourself: Uday suggests new managers not to pretend to be someone they are not, just for the effect. According to him, authenticity is magnetic and helps build real connections. When managers are genuine, they attract trust, inspire others, and foster long-term relationships within the team.

Empower Your Team: New managers often feel the need to prove themselves by handling everything on their own. However, Uday advises against this approach. Instead, he encourages managers to share responsibilities and delegate tasks. When team members are given opportunities and responsibilities, they can showcase their capabilities and untapped potential. By empowering team members, Uday believes that new managers can build a stronger, more capable team and create a workplace where each member feels valued and motivated to contribute their best.

Embrace Your Ignorance: The third and most important tip is acknowledging that nobody knows everything. Admitting something you are unaware of without shame creates an open and transparent environment. Uday advises new managers to learn from their team and mentors and even from mistakes. Embracing your lack of knowledge encourages continuous learning and improvement for you and your team.

How Can Risely Help?

Uday Parmar has developed their leadership style by working as an leader in different companies and developing his own startup, an opportunity only some aspiring managers may have. But here’s the thing: we miss out on the nitty gritty and don’t always have the support to overcome similar challenges. That’s where Risely steps in as a solution. Risely is an AI buddy for managers, offering the guidance that every manager needs to unleash their true potential. With tailored steps and insights, Risely empowers you to solve challenges in simple steps: 

  • Identify your challenges: The journey begins when a manager starts by defining their challenges. From 50+ challenges, managers and team leaders can identify the issues hurting their team.
  • Test your skills: In the second step, skills and qualities, such as expectation setting and prioritization skills, are tested with the help of leadership skill assessments to see how well you have achieved these critical functions. These assessments help us create detailed reports for skills and abilities.
  • Start growing: Now comes the good part: where your progress becomes Risely’s agenda. Managers can start making progress with the help of daily nudges, toolkits, and the interactive AI coach – Merlin, who is there for you through thick or thin, whether day or night. 
Sounds exciting? You can start a free conversation with Merlin now!

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