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Goal Pyramids: Building One Step at a Time

We love goal-setting, but when it comes to an actionable plan, everything gets spinny and gets messed up. Several times you must have set up goals and wanted to accomplish them in a specific time, you must have been very energized and excited when setting up your goals, but did you execute them the way you wanted to? Did you get the outcomes you desired? Many times, you were not able to put in even a single step to attain that goal, right? 

Don’t worry if all this is happening to you again and again; by the end of this blog, you will be able to understand the goal pyramid with examples, and you will be able to hit your missed targets next time.

The Goal Pyramid is an all-in-one solution to all the difficulties faced while making an actionable plan to accomplish the set goals. It is one of the most efficient goal-setting frameworks to help you get more organized and work efficiently to achieve your target.

Let’s deep dive!

What is a Goal Pyramid?

A goal pyramid is an actionable plan to achieve the set goals. It is a pyramid segmented into three parts; the top of the pyramid is the primary goal, i.e., the goal you want to accomplish after the complete process; it gives the general direction to long-term and short-term goals; the middle segment is for the long-term goals, these are the goals that would take you closer to your primary goal, and the last segment is for short-term goals. This three-segmented pyramid is the goal pyramid; it helps execute the plan to accomplish the goals and get the desired outcome by being organized and efficient.

The goal pyramid is a great tool for managers when it comes to organising goals. It is an excellent way to get a plan of action together to achieve your goals. It would help you to measure and track your goals visually and keep them organized as long-term and short-term goals in a result-oriented approach to achieve the primary goal.

For instance, you have a primary goal to increase the profitability of your business; the long-term goals integrated into the primary goal will be to build an efficient team, eliminate wasteful resources, acquire more customers, and more. In addition, you can set up several short-term goals to accomplish the long-term goals, such as hiring experienced people, increasing product sales, reducing product costs, running marketing campaigns, and more.

Understanding Goal Pyramid Template With Examples

At the top of the goal pyramid is ‘The Goal’ you want to achieve. The goal should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). 

To set the right goal, you need to know the ‘WHY’ behind it, such as the goal is:

  • To acquire more customers: Why do you want to acquire more customers? to get more business and earn more money.
  • To get a promotion: Why do you want to get promoted? So that you can challenge yourself more and earn better.
  • To start your own business: Why do you want to start up? Because you have a solution to a problem and understand the scope of the business.
So to set your goal, you need to get the answer to Why you need to achieve that goal; if you do not get any answer, then it is not the right goal to utilize your energy and resources.

When your goal is set, it is time to put the long-term goals, which are more discrete and allow you to achieve primary goals. For example, if the goal is to start your own business, then the long-term goal for this could be like; Learning the basics of entrepreneurship, making a business model, building an online presence with an app or website(if required), and more.

And in the bottom of the pyramid, we would have short-term goals that would drive the long-term goals and ultimately assist in accomplishing the primary goal. So for the same example of starting up, the short-term goals would be like; Understand the scope of the targeted market, get a course to learn business basics, learn different tools required to create the app or website, and more.

The long-term goals would take weeks and months to complete, and within that period, you need to understand what short-term goals you need to achieve to reach your long-term goal.

The short-term goals will drive the long-term goals, ultimately driving the primary goals. And with this wholesome approach of the goal pyramid, your primary goal is achievable to you.

How can one set up a Goal Pyramid?

The goal pyramid is a powerful tool to help you clarify your objectives, better organize your thoughts, and develop an actionable plan to achieve your goal. The goal pyramid has three segments: short-term goals at the bottom that drive the long-term goals; and the long-term goals that ultimately lead to the primary goal.

Setting up your goal pyramid is simple. Just think of a goal that would have a significant impact on your personal or professional life, something you really want to do, create, or experience. It could be a huge goal, an upcoming project, or anything else on your mind. For instance, as a manager, you might want to focus on developing your leadership skills this year, as it is among the fastest growing leadership development trends for 2023.

Now, understand that goal, question why you need it to accomplish and how you can execute it, and set up a goal pyramid for that goal as discussed above. For starters, you have the primary goal of developing leadership skills. To do that efficiently, you can set up some long-term goals, such as “I will ensure optimum scores on Risely’s leadership skill assessments in the next three months.” Then, to achieve this long-term goal, you set some smaller short-term goals. In this context, an apt short-term goal would be devoting some minutes to daily training material, which is delivered at your convenience in bite-sized nuggets. Then, you will have your actionable plan ready for the respective objective.

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The goal pyramid is a visual framework that helps us to break down the steps and identify what to prioritise. Because it allows us to measure and track our progress, it can be a really supportive tool for managers who stay committed to growth.


The goal pyramid is an efficient goal-setting framework that organizes all the goals and helms to accomplish the primary goal. The pyramid mainly has three segments; the primary goal at the top and the long-term and short-term goals at the middle and bottom, respectively. The goal pyramid makes an actionable plan to accomplish the targeted goal. For example, you can start setting short-term goals to reach long-term goals and then charging to the primary ones. Eventually, goal-setting is an excellent way of tracking your progress in achieving your dreams.

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