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How good are your delegation skills?

The quest is to be a great manager, isn’t it? Leading your team and effectively managing everything is your job as a manager. A good manager carries out these tasks efficiently. But, a great manager adds more to the mix! Beyond merely discharging duties, great manager takes their team to the next level. They do this by motivating their teams so that they are inspired to achieve more. 

Great managers know their teams inside out; therefore, they can use them to generate optimum output gracefully. Also, they know how to facilitate productivity in their teams by creating the right environment that offers support. Teams led by such managers are seen to be more successful in achieving higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

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There are a few skills that make a great manager. These, of course, include their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Besides having a sharp intellect that enables and lets them maneuver around hurdles, great managers prioritize balance too. Their approach to management is often based around empowering their team members. Employees in their teams enjoy autonomy. They can explore and learn by doing. However, the same thing, i.e., delegating tasks, is often a challenge for many good managers. 

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Managers hesitate before delegating tasks when they do not understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team members acutely. When you know your team well, you will know their capabilities. Gathering this knowledge and trusting your team is the beginning of delegation. After all, a great manager helps their team realize their potential.

Even so, effective delegation is key to two crucial things – building a high-performing team and becoming a great manager who leads that team. Hence, mastering delegation is necessary. Delegation is not about pushing your workload unto others. Instead, it is an excellent way to build capabilities and unlock hidden productivity in teams. As it is a critical management skill, managers must know how to do it. 

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You would notice that you are probably delegating some tasks within your team already. However, the results are not very great, and hits are mixed with plenty of misses. It is not surprising because deciding what to delegate and who can be tricky. Moreover, you might be unaware of the nuances of your delegation style.

To find what’s amiss in your approach, hop onto the effective delegation assessment. Take the effective delegation assessment for managers today to understand how good your delegation skills are. Don’t do what Dilbert’s pointy-haired boss is trying to do 😂

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The assessment will provide you with an objective analysis of your delegation skills, which you or your peers might be unable to do. You will also identify blindspots that are nibbling your productivity unnoticed. Essentially, it will guide you through creating a roadmap to achieving productivity in your team through delegation.  

At some moments, you might feel that you are doing the right things, yet there is no visible progress. Conundrums like these leave us puzzled too! In such situations, we remember that implementation must be followed by testing to measure performance. You can retake the assessment after working on actionable insights on effective delegation from our Knowledge Base. 

Once you know where work is needed, you must figure out how to do it. Carrying out effective delegation has never been easier than right now, thanks to the effective delegation toolkit, designed especially for managers who grow their teams with themselves. 

Download the free effective delegation toolkit today to access frameworks and templates that make delegation a smooth ride. BTW, you can’t delegate that to anyone 😄

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You will grow into a great manager with effective delegation among the sharpest arrows in your quiver of managerial skills. As delegation shifts tasks from your end to your team, you can find more time to focus on high-value activities such as strategic planning and decision-making. 

On your journey to becoming a great manager from merely good, effective delegation is an important stepping stone. Make sure to get the most out of it by focusing on your weak areas and learning the nuances. It will help you make the most of the resources available. Your ability to manage people and tasks will turn you into an inspirational leader for all. 

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