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Don’t miss these 7 podcasts for managers in your first stint

Are you excited about being a manager for the first time? Or is some fear tugging slightly as you move into the new role? As a new manager, you are responsible for leading a team, making important decisions, and driving results. It’s a role that requires a unique set of skills, from effective communication to problem-solving and team-building.

While many resources are available to learn about management, podcasts have become increasingly popular for their convenience and accessibility. According to one estimate from Insider Intelligence, by 2024, there will be around 464 million podcast listeners worldwide.

In this blog, we will explore seven must-watch podcasts that every new manager should listen to. These podcasts cover many topics, including leadership principles, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and building high-performing teams, all of which you can take in while you commute to work.

Research shows that over 450 million podcasts were in production in 2023. This number only grows as more people chase productivity and growth on the go. This rush can also be intimidating. Choosing the right podcast to invest your time into is a confusing ordeal, isn’t it? That’s why we have narrowed down seven podcasts for managers. We cover different niches and areas to ensure the all-round development that textbooks often leave behind.

Why should you check out podcasts for managers? How do they help you?

  • Many podcasts feature subject matter experts sharing insights and experiences that can inspire and motivate you. They also shed light on areas that could be outside the mainstream.
  • You can learn from the experiences of people who have been in similar roles and made out successfully, which is great when you do not have a mentor or coach directly.
  • And lastly, podcasts enhance your productivity with little effort. You can listen to one while on the commute, in the gym, or just relax and feed your curious mind.  
So let’s uncover seven incredible podcasts for managers starting their first job!

The Manager Tools

In your first managerial role, did you handle expectations really well? Were you able to say no when you should have? And, could you handle difficult conversations with your team? For most managers, the situations are really a mixed bag. While some turn great, others may not!

That’s where the Manager Tools podcast comes in. The topics here are most commonly about situations and challenges new managers must handle. They go from basics to the too-little issues that seem too small to worry about but still take up significant headspace.

When should you check out the Manager Tools?

  • for the basic bits of a manager’s day, like taking your first interview
  • for the impromptu questions, like how to answer questions better or share feedback effectively

An episode you must watch:

How to handle getting chewed out in public?

HBR Ideacast

HBR is the industry leader in everything people management, and rightly so! Their podcast, “The HBR Ideacast,” brings creative management ideas and issues that often miss our attention. For instance, in one episode, they speak about building a company while handling depression, bringing to light the everyday realities of leaders who are dealing with mental health issues along with the challenges of work.

Ideacast goes beyond the conventional ideas served to managers and brings in conversations about business leadership and strategies, marking the shift from mere management to leadership that leaves a significant impact.

Why should you check out HBR Ideacast?

  • to get insights from HBR delivered in a conversational format
  • to move beyond merely managing and becoming a people leader

An episode you must watch:

How to cultivate creative talent in your team?

RiseUp Radio

The RiseUp Radio podcast brings on practitioners and subject matter experts to unveil secrets and skills that they have honed over the years in the industry. These people help people managers and HR teams formulate ideas and plans that raise team efficiency and productivity. The RiseUp Radio podcast for people managers features two prominent lines of conversations:

  • First are expert-led sessions that go deep into a particular people management skill or challenge, like conflict resolution or constructive feedback
  • The second shares leadership stories of successful professionals in all its truths – the good, bad, and ugly sides which helped them grow and reach their present glory

Why is RiseUp Radio among the best podcasts for managers?

  • It brings in insights from people who have been in your position. You are hearing it out from someone who understands your feelings and navigated them earlier
  • It’s a mix of motivation and execution – keeping you updated with not just ideas but also actions.

What’s one episode that every new manager must watch?

How do you build 10x employees?

Radical Candor

This podcast derives and builds on the ideas of Kim Scott’s book of the same name, Radical Candor. The concept focuses on one simple yet essential thing: clear, constructive feedback reinforcing missions. This feedback, delivered with sincerity and honesty, allows you to achieve your dreams with your team.

The podcast continues on the same note and discusses how you can achieve more by building solid relationships with your team that rely on empathy and frankness.

Why should you listen to Radical Candor?

  • to understand everything that goes into making feedback worth it for you and your team
  • to understand the ins and outs of building relationships at work as a first time manager

An episode you must watch:

Improving impromptu, in-person feedback

The EntreLeadership Podcast

Not every people leader is made the same; neither is their team. The EntreLeadership Podcast is for those of you who are not just people managers but also wear the entrepreneurial hat. As a result, the challenges become manifold and often overwhelming.

This podcast understands your perspectives and takes you through the multi-pronged expectations every entrepreneur turned people leader must navigate. What’s more, business owners have some anxieties that the average person manager may not face. This podcast goes into those lesser-known issues and empowers you to tackle them on the front foot.

When should you watch it?

  • This podcast is the best fit for entrepreneurs building their first teams. Although the challenges may not knock yet, being prepared will not hurt.
  • To understand new and intriguing ideas for better team management

An episode you must watch:

Can you care for your people and protect your profits?

The Modern Manager

If you are the manager of the new generation, this one’s for you! The Modern Manager podcast takes you through the newest and most exciting ideas, reshaping the field of people management. Moreover, it doesn’t merely discuss challenges that have persisted over the years. Instead, it puts the spotlight on the issues emerging in the present.

Think about what’s happening around you. Gen Z is entering and reframing workspaces, a new negotiation around work-life balance is on the way, and remote work is more ubiquitous than ever before. While an age-old expert may be a little inefficient here, this podcast saves the day.

When should you watch it?

  • When you are looking for solutions to the challenges of the present – debates on work-life balance, negotiating with gen z, and so on
  • When you want to keep yourself up to date on what’s happening in the realm of people management

An episode you must watch:

How managers can make professional development a habit

The Heart Leader Podcast

Are you tired of the negativity surrounding you? It’s not an uncommon sentiment. Many managers experience negative perceptions due to their organizational contexts, or the team creates frequent reasons to worry. The Heart Leader podcast is made to break you from this frenzy and infuse positivity into people management.

On this podcast, the featured guests share their perspectives on making leadership a kinder and more empathetic space that focuses on building connections and demonstrating genuine care.

When should you watch this?

  • When your team feels the need for a little more care (look for signs of this in feedback, or you can ask a coach/mentor to get an external perspective on your leadership habits)
  • If you want to develop a more democratic and people-oriented leadership style
  • If you are looking for a break from the conventional leadership talks, this podcasts features guests from wide fields – chefs, business leaders, and much more

An episode you should start with:

Mastering Interactions: Overcome Passive Aggressiveness and Establish Clear Boundaries

In conclusion, these curated podcasts offer invaluable insights for new managers embarking on their professional journey. Each episode provides practical wisdom to enhance managerial skills, from leadership strategies to fostering inclusive workplace cultures.

Managers can cultivate effective communication, resolve conflicts, and promote team productivity by engaging with podcast content and implementing key takeaways into daily practices. Continuous learning from these podcasts will not only aid in personal development but also contribute to creating a positive work environment and building high-performing teams. Dive into these podcasts to unlock a wealth of knowledge and elevate your management capabilities.

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