The Gen Z Manager's Diary: Chelsi Mehta's Ride to the Top

The Gen Z Manager’s Diary: Chelsi Mehta’s Ride to the Top

For the last few months, Gen Z entering the workforce has been a hot topic for everyone. From casual water cooler conversations to social media debates, everyone has an opinion about them. Whether it’s the latest workplace meme or a shared eye-roll at their unique lingo, we’ve all had our fair share of interactions with this generation. 

Some might find their lingo amusing and their work ethic a bit unconventional, but there’s an undeniable truth that we can’t ignore. Whenever a new generation steps into the professional world, it brings a breath of fresh air that workplaces have been silently waiting for. 

What sets GenZ apart? Well, they are the first generation to grow up with digital exposure. Because of this, they are motivated and conditioned to ask questions, kickstarting crucial conversations about topics often overlooked– like work-life balance, mental health, and inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Today, we will share the professional journey of Chelsi Mehta, the Gen Z poster child. She has been a powerhouse in the creative industry for the past two years. She’s donned various hats of copywriter, ghostwriter, and creative manager. Currently, she is freelancing and managing a small team. When she is not crafting the next big thing in the creative domain, you’ll find her lifting weights like a boss and dishing out rants on social media. Now, that’s what you call a dynamic personality, right?

Let’s uncover Chelsi Mehta’s intriguing journey as she reshapes workplaces on her terms! We will unravel how she went from being an employee to being her own boss in such a short span. Join us as we share the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned, and grab some awesome tips for all you aspiring managers! 

LinkedIn Leap: Seizing the Opportunity with Zest

During the monotonous days of lockdown, Chelsi, much like many of us, embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Boredom and frustration prompted her to explore different hobbies; in this quest of self-discovery, she rediscovered her old passion for writing. Little did she know this would lead to a remarkable career at that time.

My writing journey started very early, even though I did not realize it started in my childhood when I used to write small notes to my mother about my day.

Chelsi Mehta
In conversation with Risely, Chelsi reflected on her journey and realized she always had creative ideas and used to pen them down, but she had never considered it a career. Things changed when she turned her personal experiences into short blogs during the lockdown. Her writing received a lot of appreciation, and she was encouraged to open her own website. Later, her writing career took an unexpected turn when she started researching businesses, crafting impactful business case studies for them, and writing content for SaaS companies.

People have always told me I am a fast learner, which has been my greatest career advantage.

Chelsi Mehta
In 2021, she stumbled upon a LinkedIn post searching for writers. Despite being unfamiliar with LinkedIn and copywriting then, Chelsi’s continuous pursuit and determination helped her get the internship. She swiftly climbed the ranks, exposing her to handling various clients early on. Her quick learning abilities eventually drove her from an intern to a managerial position in no time. 

Starting this journey wasn’t a walk in the park. Chelsi’s progress, while remarkable, wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter; it demanded hard work and resilience. Let’s explore her challenges as an individual contributor with her managers.

Chelsi’s Learning Curve: Challenges and Insights as an Individual Contributor

As an individual contributor, she faced many challenges with her managers that ultimately played a pivotal role in shaping her management style. Let’s delve into the hurdles she navigated as an individual contributor.

My managers lacked transparency and effective communication, resulting in a gap in expectations.

Chelsi Mehta
Chelsi shared one situation where her managers didn’t tell her what was expected and the deadline, which created confusion. This confusion led to a delay in delivering work to the client. And instead of fixing the problem by communicating openly, the manager blamed the team for not meeting expectations. This experience made her realize the importance of clear and transparent communication. Now, she always talks openly and shares information with her team, avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

You must be present as a manager and reach out to the team and ask if they need help.

Chelsi Mehta
Chelsi ensures transparency and open communication in her team by starting with a collaborative mindset. She initiates conversations beyond professional aspects, focusing on personal interests and goals during the hiring process. This approach creates a lasting impression and fosters a sense of collaboration. She stays involved throughout, checking in on her team daily, addressing any challenges, and ensuring they feel supported. She emphasizes being present consistently, not just assigning tasks and disappearing, but genuinely caring about their well-being. Even when work falls short of expectations, she maintains honesty and communicates openly about the team’s performance and her thoughts, fostering a culture of trust and transparency.

Chelsi Unplugged: Overcoming Managerial Challenges with Finesse

Chelsi handles challenges like a pro—only writer’s block can make her feel momentarily lost. Yet, she openly discussed some hurdles she noticed in her management style during a tough time in her career; she has shared her journey of overcoming them and consistently working to refine her managerial skills.

Initially, being patient with team members with different personalities became a significant challenge while juggling various roles and responsibilities.

Chelsi Mehta
Chelsi faced two main challenges as a manager, which are interlinked in more than one way. First, managing her workload while being patient with her team proved to be a significant challenge. The second challenge was effectively handling different personalities. As a manager, she juggles various responsibilities, from overseeing operations to writing for clients, and this balancing act became daunting. 

During a one-on-one conversation, she realized the impact of her shortcomings as a manager on team members’ growth and productivity. She recognized that she became impatient under the heavy workload and commitments and struggled to develop meaningful relationships with her team. This conversation served as a wake-up call, prompting Chelsi to acknowledge the need for patience in managing her workload and understanding and respecting the diverse personalities within her team. 

Facing challenges head-on, she implemented smart strategies to overcome them. First, she embraced self-reflection. This awareness paved the way for improvement, helping her stay calm and focused amid challenges. Taking a step further, she worked on her communication skills. She started expressing herself more clearly and adopted a patient tone. This shift in communication style created a more positive and productive work environment. Recognizing the importance of support, Chelsi became a more guiding manager. She understood the value of clear guidance and thoroughly explained tasks to her team members. This proactive approach ensured everyone was on the same page, fostering better understanding and collaboration within the team.

Beyond Management: Chelsi Mehta’s Tips for a Well-Rounded Career

Chelsi embraces a distinctive approach to managing people; she considers herself more of a leader than a manager. According to her, every manager should adopt a leadership mindset beyond task completion—it’s about sparking positive change and making a lasting impact. According to her, the difference between a manager and a leader is that a manager ensures tasks are done, and a leader aspires for more, focusing on influencing and inspiring teams to create an environment where everyone flourishes. Now, let’s explore her tips for implementing this leadership philosophy.

You will grow and learn skills by observing what’s happening around you and not through theory and courses.

Chelsi Mehta
Inspired by Oppenheimer’s insight, Chelsi emphasizes the limitations of theory with the quote,” Theory will take you only so far.” In today’s time, she advocates for a hands-on approach to learning. Her advice to newcomers is straightforward: invest time in homework, research, and practical experience. She urges professionals to dive into their chosen field, understanding its nuances and identifying personal motivations. She discourages vague questions and champions proactive learning—initiates by doing and observing. 

Just being a manager won’t ensure your growth; you have to do different things to ensure growth.

Chelsi Mehta
Chelsi highlights the importance of not getting stuck in one routine, comparing it to eating the same food daily—eventually, you’ll lose interest. She suggests that professionals keep reinventing themselves through observation, leading to growth and personal satisfaction. 

By this, she means combining professional tasks and hobbies to ensure continuous growth. Leaders can gain a valuable edge by staying aware of their surroundings, keeping up with industry changes, and being connected to shifts. Engaging with mindful and relevant content acts as a guide through dynamic changes, preventing you from staying stuck in your comfort zone. She emphasizes the significance of staying excited and engaged in various aspects of life, both at work and beyond.

How can Risely help?

Chelsi Mehta has developed her leadership style by learning through experience and mistakes without any safety net, making her journey more inspiring. But here’s the thing: we miss out on the nitty gritty and don’t always have the support to overcome similar challenges. That’s where Risely steps in as a solution. Risely is an AI buddy for managers, offering the guidance that every manager needs to unleash their true potential. With tailored steps and insights, Risely empowers you to solve challenges in simple steps: 

  • Identify your challenges: The journey begins when a manager starts by defining their challenges. From 50+ challenges, managers and team leaders can identify the issues hurting their team.
  •  Test your skills: In the second step, skills and qualities, such as expectation setting and prioritization skills, are tested with the help of leadership skill assessments to see how well you have achieved these critical functions. These assessments help us create detailed reports for skills and abilities.
  •  Start growing: Now comes the good part: where your progress becomes Risely’s agenda. Managers can start making progress with the help of daily nudges, toolkits, and the interactive AI coach – Merlin, who is there for you through thick or thin, whether day or night. 
Sounds exciting? You can start a free conversation with Merlin now!

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