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7 Underrated Ted Talks For Managers You Must Watch

Becoming a manager is a significant milestone in one’s career. It often comes with new challenges and responsibilities that require a different set of skills. While there are many resources available for managers to enhance their management skills, one underrated source of inspiration and knowledge is TED Talks.

TED Talks are powerful presentations by experts in various fields that cover a wide range of topics, including leadership, management, and personal development. In this blog, we will explore seven underrated TED Talks that every manager should watch to gain valuable insights and enhance their leadership abilities.

TED Talks offer a unique platform for experts to share their ideas and experiences, making them a valuable resource for managers seeking to enhance their leadership skills. Here are seven must-watch TED Talks that cover a range of insights for people managers like you:

#1 Can I be myself at work?

Speaker: Linden Vazey

Key Concept for Managers: Authenticity

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The TED Talk titled Can I Be Myself at Work? by Linden Vazey, presented at TEDxUOA, explores the importance of authenticity in the workplace. Vazey discusses her personal journey transitioning from a tech consulting role to a career in leadership coaching. She focuses on something that is a frequent conflict for each of us – being our true selves in a professional setting. 

While speaking of authenticity in workplaces, Vazey talks about a feeling familiar to us: the fear of not fitting in, feeling like an imposter, and being judged by others around us. She shares insights on how embracing authenticity can lead to greater job satisfaction, better performance, and stronger workplace relationships. The talk also provides practical advice on creating an inclusive environment where employees feel safe to express their true identities with you.

#2 Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Speaker: Simon Sinek

Key Concept for Managers: Psychological safety

In the TED Talk Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe, Simon Sinek discusses the critical role of leaders in creating a sense of security and trust within an organization. Sinek explains that good leaders foster a safe environment by prioritizing the well-being of their team members, which in turn inspires certain critical elements in your team, namely – loyalty, cooperation, and exceptional performance.

He uses examples from the military and corporate world to illustrate how effective leaders put others before themselves, creating a “circle of safety.” This concept means that when your employees feel protected from external threats and internal politics, they can focus on collaborating and innovating, leading your team to greater organizational success.

Sinek emphasizes that leadership is not about being in charge but about taking care of those in your charge. By building trust and demonstrating empathy, you can cultivate a supportive culture where employees feel valued and motivated to contribute their best efforts.

#3 How to Deal with Difficult People

Speaker: Jay Johnson

Key Concept for Managers: Psychological safety

In the TEDx talk How to Deal with Difficult People, Jay Johnson offers practical advice on managing challenging relationships both professionally and personally. Johnson emphasizes understanding the root causes of difficult behavior, which often stems from stress, insecurity, or unmet needs.

He suggests strategies such as active listening, maintaining composure, and setting clear boundaries. The core message is that by empathizing with the difficult person’s perspective and communicating assertively yet respectfully, you can navigate conflicts more effectively and foster more positive interactions.

#4 Using 5 minutes of Self-Care to Survive Burnout

Speaker: Racquel Armstrong

Key Concept for Managers: Burnout

In the TEDx talk Using 5 Minutes of Self-Care to Survive Burnout, Racquel Armstrong shares practical strategies for managing and preventing burnout through simple self-care routines. Armstrong highlights the importance of taking brief, intentional breaks throughout the day to recharge mentally and physically. She explains that dedicating just five minutes to activities like deep breathing, stretching, or mindfulness can significantly help you reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Armstrong’s approach is especially geared toward busy professionals who often feel they don’t have time for self-care. You can enhance resilience and maintain a healthier work-life balance by integrating these short practices into daily routines.

#5 Leaders who coach are creating better workplaces, and so can you.

Speaker: Saba Imru-Mathieu

Key Concept for Managers: Coaching managers

In the TEDx talk Leaders Who Coach Are Creating Better Workplaces, and So Can You, Saba Imru-Mathieu discusses how adopting a coaching approach can significantly improve workplace dynamics. She emphasizes that leaders who act as coaches help to empower their employees, fostering a more supportive and productive environment.

Imru-Mathieu explains that coaching involves listening actively, asking powerful questions, and providing constructive feedback, which helps team members to develop their skills and confidence. This approach not only enhances individual performance but also contributes to a more engaged and motivated workforce.

She highlights that by prioritizing personal development and creating a culture of continuous improvement, leaders can cultivate a sense of trust and collaboration. This, in turn, leads to better overall outcomes for the organization.

#6 The Power of Purpose in Business

Speaker: Ashley M. Grice

Key Concept for Managers: Power of purpose

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In the TEDx talk The Power of Purpose in Business, Ashley M. Grice discusses how a well-defined purpose can significantly enhance business performance and employee satisfaction. Grice explains that a company’s purpose goes beyond its mission or vision statements; it represents the core reason for its existence and guides all strategic decisions.

She highlights that having a clear and compelling purpose can drive innovation, improve customer loyalty, and attract top talent. Grice emphasizes that purpose should be deeply embedded in the company culture and reflected in everyday actions and policies. By aligning organizational goals with a strong sense of purpose, you can positively impact both your employees and society.

#7 Feelings: Handle them before they handle you

Speaker: Mandy Saligari

Key Concept for Managers: Managing emotions

In the TEDx talk “Feelings: Handle Them Before They Handle You,” Mandy Saligari delves into the importance of managing emotions to maintain mental health and well-being. Saligari, an addiction therapist, underscores that unprocessed feelings can lead to negative behaviors and severe mental health issues. She explains that understanding and addressing emotions proactively can prevent them from overwhelming individuals and leading to destructive patterns, a fact that should raise our concern and awareness about the importance of emotional management.

Saligari outlines practical steps for emotional management, including recognizing triggers, practicing self-awareness, and developing healthy coping mechanisms. You can improve your mental resilience and lead more balanced lives by handling emotions effectively.

TED Talks offer you a unique opportunity to enhance leadership skills. By watching these talks and gaining insights from experienced professionals and thought leaders, you can gain valuable knowledge, perspectives, and practical strategies that can be applied to their own management style. Here’s a simple framework that you can follow to extract the maximum value from ted talks as a manager: 

  • Reflect on your current management style and identify areas for improvement.
  • Take notes on the key insights and strategies shared in the TED Talks that resonate with you.
  • Develop an action plan for implementing these strategies into your daily management practices.
  • Seek feedback from your team members on how the changes you’ve made have positively impacted their experience.
  •  Continuously evaluate and adjust your approach based on feedback and the evolving needs of your team.

TED Talks offer valuable insights for managers looking to enhance their leadership skills. By delving into topics like team potential, change management, and emotional intelligence, these talks equip you with practical strategies to drive team performance and foster a culture of innovation. Applying the lessons from these talks to daily practices can transform challenges into opportunities and inspire exceptional leadership in any environment. Continuous learning through TED Talks not only enriches managerial skills but also cultivates a mindset of growth and adaptability essential for navigating today’s dynamic business landscape. Start watching these underrated TED Talks today and elevate your leadership game!

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